what I do.

I am working at the Nexus of Indigenous Wisdom, Modern Technology and Future Society

"By believing passionately in something that still does not exist, we create it." Franz Kafka

  • World Builder: 
    • World-building and Transition Design- How might we create thriving futures through Artistic Expression, Emerging Tech, Civic Solutions and Rethinking Policy
  • Cyborg Anthropologist:
    • Exploring connections and transitions between, humans, technology, living systems and society
  • Regenerative Climate Entrepreneur:
    • How might we develop and create decentralized communities while transforming humans, ecology and consciousness
  • Keynote Speaker:
    • Project Drawdown
    • EY

I offer consulting services to help organizations design innovative strategies and business models, develop products, find market fit for emerging technologies and create value systems that are equitable and sustainable over time.