What Type of Ancestor do You want to BE

“There’s nothing material in this world that you can take with you ...the only thing that remains is what you have done for others.”

I often address a philosophical and process he co-created called the EDGE model, which serves as an orientation to Educate or unlearn antiquated models and pathways, Devotion to ecological learning and orientation around natural systems, Guidance that reclaims indigenous wisdom to generate new processes and direction, and Emergence by applying the learning through lived experiences. Based on this framework, I work to create the containers and conditions for co-emergence that will create new narratives for the future. 


Trust… how to imagine and build in a fragmented world 

Reverence… for what has come before 

Honesty… in where we are now and what trajectory are we on to becoming something greater

Curiosity… to explore the unknown and open our minds and hearts to new ways of being

Creativity… as we focus and generate new language, systems, beliefs and rituals that inform our kinship

Passion… to contribute to a better world, striving to be better today than we were yesterday, and better tomorrow than we are today.