"You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete" - R. Buckminster Fuller

What type of Ancestor do you want to be? This has always been the driving question that I consider as I embark on new ventures, drive change in global communities and pursue my own personal transformation. Through growing up in a faith based household, my family always pursued the unknown with limited anxiety and complete gratitude, holding on to the realization that change is inevitable, none of us have all of the answers and what we do for others is the energy that will live beyond one’s experienced lifetime. 

This allowed me the perspective to create and give of myself in a way that was customized and unique to my experience, and at the same time carry the empathy necessary to relate to others,  imagining a better way forward for the whole. With that perspective, I began to recognize patterns throughout the world, in communities, throughout businesses and governments, in living systems, narratives, and through technologies which guide, persuade and determine our relational experience to our lived reality. 

Through the escapism of our own human fragility, we experience a gradient of emotions, which bring out the best and worst of humanity. Experiencing communities and individuals in extreme joy, to the travesties of war and disease, I have dedicated my life’s energy to creating solutions that are mindful, considerate and transformative. Gathering tools and wisdom along the way, I realized that we are all part of the same organism that supports and curates our individual and collective realities. Through these recognized patterns, we are able to experience the life that we desire. Through this, I was able to build a resonance of focus, drive and commitment to myself, and remain dedicated to the empowerment of others, while creating value for the planet and the systems in which we live. 

One thing that is for sure, there are no shortcuts that lead to sustainability. In order to truly embody regeneration, it takes new rituals, behaviors, mindsets and narratives that create the containers and conditions for deeply rooted change. This desired change is what gets me out of bed every morning and keeps me up late creating into the night. This is the change that will create symbiotic relationships, and this is the change I am focused on realizing. When it gets hard, the burden becomes too heavy, or the direction may be misleading, I remind myself of what type of Ancestor I want to be, and the road becomes clear and the load becomes light.